Deepika to sing at Indian Idol

MUMBAI: This week, Indian Idol will be more breath-arresting than the usual because there would be a celebrity guest none other than the sultry, long legged beauty Deepika Padukone. She did not tire to shake a leg with the Indian Idol contestants no matter how many times she was called on stage. Deepika even crooned some songs and Anu Malik pronounced her the next Indian Idol.

The talented actress also promoted her up coming flick Chandani Chowk to China. She has trained herself in martial arts for eight months for the movie, which is why her action sequences look great with Akshay Kumar.

On the spur of the moment she told the girls of Indian Idol, “I will show you girls a trick” and she went up on stage and demonstrated a sleek cut so that they can defend themselves. She also learnt to speak in Chinese for the film but said she could not demonstrate that!

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