Deepika: Who watches hockey?

MUMBAI: Deepika Padukone was in Delhi the day the Champions League Twenty20 started. An avid sportsperson herself, she said, “In the last year or so, I’ve seen our cricket worshipping nation appreciate other sports too.

People are now opening up to other sports and when they see sportsmen from other fields come back after winning titles, their views towards these games change. I’m glad to see this changing trend and if winning championships is helping to create awareness about other sports, then I would call it a good beginning in itself.”

Lamenting the fact that hockey, which is our national sport is not really looked up to she said, “Hockey is our national sport, but where is it? People don’t spend half the time watching or playing hockey in comparison to cricket.”

And while the lady was here, she enjoyed a special fish delicacy too. The hotel where she was staying prepared the fish just the way Deepika likes it - the South Indian way. Wah, Delhi mein Bangalore jaisa mazaa!