Deewane... is a laughter riot


Deewane Huye Paagal (Comedy)

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Rimii Sen, Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Johnny Lever, Om Puri

Director: David Dhawan

Musician: Anu Malik

Showing at Jai Nepal

Love makes one blind. But when love rides roughshod over you, it makes you mad, bad and even an inveterate fraudster. Well, only if you believe you’ve had a bellyful of comedies in the past few weeks, and that most of them banked on the verge of overkill, this one reminds you that David Dhawan has still more in store. And when it’s him at the helm, be sure to have yet another round of mint-fresh knockout entertainment. You’ve got to try this one out, because the panoply of what you’ve witnessed previously just seems scarce before this unprecedented triumph.

There are so many high points of the movie, for which it deserves a standing ovation. The story line of the movie pivots around the lissome lass, Rimii Sen (Tanya) who has smashed all records for victoriously carving an endless love nexus without ever getting herself seriously caught in it. And she accomplishes all this without ever going overboard or even being too strait-laced about it and that’s what makes it a hatke romantic comedy. The first one to be smitten by this belle of the ball is, of course, the callow college lad Karan (Shahid Kapoor). And before he can reclaim the unrequited love, she leaves the lovelorn guy wallowing in agony and pining away for her love because she becomes an unwilling witness to a murder that unleashes the baddies on the prowl forcing her to flee to Dubai.

But, Karan can do almost anything to cuddle in the warmth of her love. Even hire a raffish conman, Rocky (Akshay Kumar) who himself is besotted at the first sight for the svelte and defects his client. And before he makes any advances, there’s yet another sham (Suniel Shetty) who’s always there to mothball all fundas before love can burgeon between them.

But the rat race doesn’t end there!

There are a host of other lovers courting her, including the pesky Paresh Rawal (Tommy) and Asrani, who never relents in their pursuit of love, each trying to outfox the other. So much for the story that creates a laughter riot. But, the performances are no less rivetting and almost everyone carves a splendid screen presence. Another staple ingredient that makes the movie a sell out are some of the most consummate stunt sequences. Besides its share of some of the most memorable slapstick scenes and the tongue-in-cheek screenplay, the mellifluous background score simply bowls you over.