Deliciously yours

Tired of dal-bhat? Why not try Danish Chef Nikolaz Lenz’s inspirational creations like dal-bhat icecream or achaar candy at Shangri la.


Our hotels seem hell bent on spoiling us. We are being treated to newer culinary delights every week with something deliciously novel on the platter to dig into. If you are a diehard gourmet, then you cannot afford to miss Hotel Shangri la as they have flown in a Danish Chef as a consultant chef to give the hotel’s menu a delightful fresh change.

Continental expert

Having traversed the gastronomic world of Denmark, America, Italy, England, France and Spain for the last 11 years as a chef, Chef Nikolaz Lenz has made his way to Nepal and plans to give guests at Shangri la something new.

The changes can already be felt in the Pastry Shop, and during his six months’ stay here Chef Lenz plans to stress on proper working methods, change in table setting and reconstructing. And he too is busy into this ‘change’ mode — trained in Continental cuisine, he is learning to prepare Indian and Nepali cuisine.

Chef’s table

One of the very new things that’s going to be introduced is the ‘Chef’s Table’. A new concept, a guest can come and ask for any food they want from the menu or according to the Chef’s recommendations, which will be prepared by the Chef right in front of them.

“People usually come with a general idea about what they want to have, but I will suggest them to have something different and prepare it,” he says.

Food for inspiration

Well-known for inspirational food, Chef Lenz loves to give different touches to existing dishes giving it a distinctive taste and presentation.

“I am planning to change dal-bhat into ice-cream and achaar (pickle) into candy,” he says.

Thai delights

Chef Lenz is not the only new thing happening at Shangri la as a Thai Food Festival is beginning at the Shambala Garden Café from September 21 till October 5. There will be a different menu for lunch and dinner, which will be changed every five days. Three chefs are coming from Thailand for the event to give the authentic Thai flavour. This festival is being organised in association with the Thai Embassy and Thai Airways.