Dentist’s dreams

She is quietly confident; soft spoken but there is definitely something authoritative in her demeanour. Meet Dr Prabigya Shiwakoti of the reputed Dent Inn, who has been practising since 2001.

Today’s youth

The young people have new ideas and energy, but most of them are migrating — this is a big loss for us. Often there is a dearth of competent manpower. One of my patients told me: It’s not only the politicians, we are equally responsible for our country.

Freedom of expression

I think people in our country do not know how to effectively raise their voices. Burning tyres should not necessarily be our way of expression. Sometimes I feel like the media is portraying the youth in a wrong way.

Living in Nepal

I am very happy here. It’s because of my hard work that I’ve achieved so much, which wouldn’t have been possible elsewhere.


Previously a child was told to either become an engineer or a doctor. The new trend is that parents tell their children that after completing class 12 they will be sent abroad for studies and that is the perception children are growing up with these days.

Role of youth

It’s sad that people go to a foreign country and put in so much effort there, but are reluctant

to do so here. They just put the blame on others and sit back.

This year’s IYD theme

I think youth should put forth their honest opinions. They should not be swayed by what others are saying, they should have a sense of correct judgement and do what they believe is right. I think for youth to contribute, to participate they should be dedicated to their profession and make the best of it.