Dharmendra Sewan: From shores to studio

Kathmandu: There were forty or fifty listeners; the setup was a lakeside restaurant of Pokhara. He was singing rock songs. Some listened, some chatted, and some did not even notice. It was like that till Dharmendra Sewan participated in Samsung Nepali Tara. Things have changed.

He still sings, but on Nepal Television, and there are millions of listeners who notice his talent. Last week he secured his place in the top ten shortlist and the hearts of millions of viewers with his electrifying rendering of three songs, folk, modern and pop with equal ease. Mr. Deepak Jungam of the jury predicted that this voice will take the country by storm. Another judge Mr. Aalokshree clapped hard and said his singing gave him goosepimples. Mrs. Bimala Rai said she was highly impressed. He will now sing in the new album of Aalokshree. —HNS