Diaz’s smile comes to her rescue

HOLLYWOOD: As like many other times in her life, Cameron Diaz’s smile has come to her rescue. Diaz once managed to get herself from getting a speeding ticket all thanks to her trademark smile.

The actress revealed she had been asked to pull over by cops for going too fast during a road trip to southern California.

The Charlie’s Angels star, who was in a brand new Porsche sports car, confessed using her fatal smile to get herself out the situation.

“I love driving it’s the best thing ever. I did one time talk my way out of it (a ticket),” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

“It was one of those things, (I said) ‘Oh really? Oh, it’s a brand new Porsche. I didn’t realise I was going that fast. Really? It does that fast in second gear?’ And he did (believe me),” she added.