Did you know?

Koalas never drink water. The word koala means ‘no water’ in the language of the aboriginal people of Australia .

• Okapi is a small, short necked relative of giraffe. Okapis use their 14-inch long tongue to clean out their ears.

• A female pigeon needs to see another pigeon in order to lay eggs as if she is seeing herself in a mirror.

• If a high-ranking rooster loses a barnyard fight with a younger rooster, he will run into a corner and hide his head down facing the wall.

• Goby is a small fish that can switch its sex. It can start out as a male, then change into a female, then again change into a male.

• A rattlesnake can bite even after it is dead. It can bite even after its head has been cut off.

• If a locust leg and a human leg were of the same size, the locust leg would be one thousand times more powerful.