Dion against Olympics boycott


Canadian pop star Celine Dion voiced her support for the upcoming Beijing Olympics,

saying she was “definitely against boycotting” the games.

“When you talk about the Olympics, you don’t say politics,” she said at a press conference. “We talk about power. We talk about love. And we talk about dreams.”

The Quebec native sang the theme song for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, the Power of the Dream.

Dion called on all people to “keep the dream possible for our young kids”. She came to Beijing to express support for the games after her concert in Shanghai on April 11.

On April 12, the chanteuse received a gift sculpture from Zhao Dongming, director of the cultural activities department of the Beijing Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG).

On learning the name of the sculpture, “eternal flame”, Dion said “keep the flame eternal”.