Dion's boy cuts his long hair for school

LOS ANGELES: Celine Dion has finally won her battle to cut her son Rene Charles' hair - because his school wouldn't allow him to sport long locks.

The singer admits she was quite relieved when she learned the boy had to have a drastic haircut before he could sign up for lessons at a posh new school - because she'd been trying to persuade him to trim his mane for years.

She says, "I miss his hair but when he started school, it was a rule of school. I said, 'Listen R.C., you know doctors, they have rules, they have uniforms and they have to wash their hands for their surgery... It's a rule, you have to do that... There's a rule in school that you have to cut your hair short... If you want to go to that school, you have to cut the hair.'"

Dion tells TV news show Access Hollywood she kept a ponytail of her son's long hair, so she'd have a special keepsake of his youth.