Discovering Buddha Art

Art and creativity, I guess is the role that undeniably touches the heart and soul of an individual. The beauty of art always remains alive in the hearts of people. Here I would like to share my visit to the Buddha Art Gallery In Thamel, lies an art gallery where even children aged 12-15 can display their creativity. It almost can be mistaken for an art class. It was opened with an objective to develop the children’s skills and creative power in them. This programme is conducted for 2 hours every Saturday.

The moment I stepped in the gallery, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The painting were amazing and very creative.

The class encourages group work to inculcate the habit of working as a team. Here the students are taught to make collage and let them play with pastel colours, make wonderful things from paper and help them use watercolour to paint their dreams.

This is exciting news for all those interested in cartoons and I am sure we all are great fans of cartoon! Uttam Nepal-the senior artist of Nepal, Devendra Upadhyaya, eminent cartoonist, and many talented personalities like Lina Sherpa, Futhia from France and Alex will be joining us during our classes.

The art class provides platform for creative students that help them in improving their potentiality and confidence in doing something they always dream of.

Hey! Isn’t joining this art class better than watching a Tom and Jerry show????

— Mimansha Joshi, Class IX, GEMS