Diverse learning centre

California University of Pennsylvania is in is in the Borough of California. The main campus consists of 38 buildings situated on 90 acres. An additional 98-acre recreation complex, George H Roadman University Park, is located one mile from campus. The university began as began as an academy around 150 years ago and has evolved over the years as a multi-purpose university.

Colleges there

The College of Education and Human Services

The College of Liberal Arts

The Eberly College of Science and Technology

The School of Graduate Studies and Research


A minimum of 550 on TOEFL or 213 computer-based score (for under graduate and graduate courses)

Tuition and fees

Under-graduate level — $32,500 per year

Graduate level — , $17,682 per year

Number of credits cost per semester

Full-time undergraduate for 12-18 credits — $6,472

Full-time graduate student 9 to 15 credits — $4,972


California University of Pennsylvania offers academically talented and creatively gifted students a variety of university and endowed scholarship opportunities. The scholarships offered range from $100 to full-tuition for an academic year.


Housing is available on campus and costs around $3,963. — Agencies