Dominated voices


Shilpee theatre group performed their play Tarai Madhesh in various parts of the country from December 6 to 22. The closing of this tour was held on December 23 at Martin Chautari, Babar Mahal. They performed in 29 different places in Tarai. The play was performed by actors from Shilpee, Janakpur Mithila theatre council and Kalika theatre group.

A scene from Tarai starts the play where a young man wants to go to a foreign country so that he can earn loads of money. But there is one obstacle — he doesn’t have a citizenship. So the young man and his father come to the city to make one. But things aren’t as easy or simple as they expect it to be. Then the play moves into a scene of the typical environment of a government office where bribes are given and taken with ease and nothing seems to be done without it. Not being able to take the discrimination the people of Tarai decide to stand up against it in a peaceful way but there are certain elements, which make sure that their efforts are not successful.

Further, the play delves into the issue of the floods that affected the people living in the Tarai region, how they lost everything they had and how the relief funds were misused. And other issues related to Tarai region have also been dealt with. Finally the play comes to a halt and then a discussion begins among the audience and the actors as to what should be done by them now to make sure their voices are heard. This type of a play is known as Kachahari natak.

The play has been able to capture issues from the Tarai region and the problems faced by these people in a frank and fortright manner. The ills prevalent in various systems in our country have been openly ridiculed. The best part of the play is that the actors are not from the Valley only, actors from different groups of Tarai are a part of this play speaking their own language, which gives the play an ethnic and real touch. The actors from Tarai and from Shilpee have certainly given commendable performances.

However, at times it did feel that in some parts, the actors were a bit too loud. Director Yubraj Ghimire has come up with a play that gives insight to a topic, which most people outside Tarai are unaware of. And it is the humorous way in which he has presented such serious issues that makes the play quite interesting and effective.