Dotel makes top 10

With every passing Saturday, the competition at Nepali Tara for the Top Ten finalists is getting fiercer with the performances getting more and more entertaining and enjoyable. While four of the contestants have already made it to the Top Ten, the remaining 12 are fighting to grab a place in the remaining six in the upcoming three qualifying rounds.

One of the lucky four who were selected in the last episode was 21-year-old Rupak Chandra Dotel from Chapakot, Syangja, who beat the other three contestants, namely, Reshu Babu Dudhraj, Prem BK and Sheetal Yonjan to make the shortlist. Dotel is one of the few contestants who has studied music as a subject.

Having a very melodious voice, he is a versatile singer and is capable of singing songs belonging to all genres of music beautifully. “Dotel maintained a low profile during the primary auditions and was apprehensive about the results. When I was announcing them, I could see he was still doubtful. Once he heard that he had made it to the Top Ten, he was very happy,” said Brajesh Khanal, master of ceremonies, Nepali Tara, adding, “He was at his best in the piano round. While being selected for Top Ten he sang all three songs with equal ease. The judges were surprised to see him singing a pop song because till then he had chosen sentimental and semiclassical numbers, only.” — HNS