Douglas butt of Clinton’s joke

NEW YORK: Former US president Bill Clinton reportedly poked fun at actor Michael Douglas about his marriage to Catherine Zeta-Jones who is 25 years younger to him.

According to, Clinton said at a charity crowd in London, “Most of you will have no way of knowing this, but I admire Michael Douglas very, very much and I was delighted when I heard he was going to be here tonight. I was delighted to see him and delighted that he and Catherine Zeta-Jones are married. I realised he would be well cared for in our old age.” — HNS

Chan says he is unmatched

LONDON: Jackie Chan is certain that there will no other star like him. According to, he believes he has created the template for martial-arts performing Hollywood stunt actors. Chan believes he will not be matched ever. He said, “There are dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of young actors who have the talent to do the kind of movies I’ve done. But because of the situation that existed when I began making movies, I don’t think there will ever be another Jackie Chan.” He added: “When I started out, there was nobody doing what I was doing — combining comedy with martial arts and daredevil stunts. It would be hard to reproduce the circumstances that allowed me to have the level of success that I had.” — HNS