Dreams can come true

I have the courage, the confidence and am determined to win this competition.”

I say these words to myself and head towards the stage and win the cup of my dream.

This is what I dream of and think how simple it is to win a trophy.

I dream of visiting the United Kingdom and sitting at a banquet with the British prime minister Tony Blair like one of our Nepali students did recently.

But this is only a dream. Not only me, there are millions of people like me, who have not been able to figure out their ultimate destiny.

Most of us watch documentaries of eminent astronauts like Neil Armstrong, Kalpana Chawala, and dream of stepping on the moon. Many students dream of flying to countries like the US, Japan.

A question strikes my mind: Will our dreams remain dreams? Will they ever come true?

And the answer is a big “Yes”. But to reach this answer, we have to struggle through and fight the factors that try to make change the answer to “No”.

One has to make a mental resolution to accomplish his goal no matter what. S/he should be bold enough to overcome any obstacles that try to discourage him/her. Then, the persistency and consistency to leave no stone unturned will pay off. One should we conscious of time and not let opportunities slip by.

It is important that we not be discouraged by our past failures, but learn from them and strive towards a brighter future. If that’s the case, then not only will our hardwork pay off, but Lady Luck will also shower her blessings upon us. — Bidhi Dhital, I Sc 1st year, St Xavier’s College