Driving through America’s roads


These was what the US of America looked like in the mid-twentieth century if you were driving down her roads. That’s what the photographic exhibition going on at the Sirjana College of Fine Arts show.

Organised by the American Center in association with the college, the exhibition titled ‘American Roadside Architecture: Photographs of mid-twentieth century American Roadside Buildings’ comprises photographs by architectural historian John Margolies, who took the photographs during his drives across American highways.

Said Sharon Hudson-Dan, deputy director of the American Center, who was the chief guest at the inauguration, “Margolies has presented American lifestyle and its history through his

photographs. I guess the children will like it more as all the photographs are bright and colourful.”

The photographs are of the gas stations, fast food outlets and motels that were popular on the highways of America during the mid-twentieth century. Unlike other exhibitions, this one stands out as it is on a different topic. The photographs give one a feeling of being at the place on a warm sunny summer day. Whether it’s the vibrantly painted drive-ins or gas stations and motels in different designs to attract customers, the mood and feel of the period have been brilliantly captured by the photographers.

Though the popularity of such motels and gas stations has over the years, the charm of these buildings do not fail to make an impression on one’s mind and heart. Margolies has attempted to represent America and its culture of the mid twentieth century in very artistic way.

Hudson-Dan said that the exhibition had been put up in different countries of South Asia.

(The exhibition is on till January 16)