Kathmandu :

The Ballroom at Hyatt Regency on June 16 was packed for the Fashion Fusion 2006, a charity show organised by Nepal Britain Society. And the City’s who’s who had all turned out to grace the event.

“We have organised this show for charity, and the other being the annual dinner for the members of the society as well celebrating the 80th birthday of Queen Elizabeth. But the most important reason is that we are bidding farewell to Keith Bloomfield, British ambassador to Nepal, as he will be leaving soon. We are also honouring Serena Brocklebank because she has made the British Embassy proud by climbing Mount Everest,” said organiser Sanjeev Pandey.

After the evening cocktails it was time for the gala.

Welcoming the guests Pratima Pandey informed that the proceeds of the programme would go to Kathmandu University and a charity organisation. “The KU has started a Fine Arts department and we would give a part of the proceeds to the department so that they can buy manuals for the department, a part would go to the New Life Centre for the differently-abled people, and the rest would go towards the building of the Bhadrakali temple,” she said.

Brocklebank was also honoured and given a painting of Mount Everest.

And finally it was time for the fashion designers and their living mannequins to wow the audience with their unique creations.

Anu Shrestha of Mandala Silk and Pashmina dressed her models in clothes that were sensuous, mystically bright and amazingly beautiful. Her summer collection that had merged the classic with the contemporary consisted of bright and light coloured saris with light embellishments teamed with backless and sleeveless blouse, which not only looked cool but chic and perfect for summers.

Yasmine Rana’s ‘Fusion of East and West Collection’ followed Shrestha’s. Rana showcased some wonderful jackets — casual and evening wear. Her clever use of pleats and tux, and her inside-out cloths were applaudable.

‘Rock and Roll Star without Guitar’ sequence was as incredible as its name. Nima Sherpa had done a commendable job in this sequence. It was loud, it was hot and it rocked.

Rajani Rana’s ‘Mantra Hot Collection’ was a hue of bright colours. There were lots of cuts, details and glitters. The sheen and shine made the evening all the more bright. The Ibiza

Collection of Rajani Malla Fistolera was the last sequence giving the entire show a grand finale.