Dubby’s dvdiscussion : Wannasee summer movies

Dubby Bhagat


Here are some movies I can’t wait to see they are this summers blockbusters. Tom Cruise is starring in Steven Spielberg’s ‘War Of The Worlds’ based an HG Well’s 1898 novel. Tom Cruise acts as a working class family man who hasn’t been a good father and when really nasty aliens want to destroy the world, Cruise is on the frontlines to save earth. Says Cruise in an understatement, “This is a film about a family.” Great special effects and suspense are expected. ‘The Interpreter’ with Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman who are directed by Sydney Pollock in a Hitchcock like movie shot inside the United Nations headquarters, is about Nicole Kidman overhearing an assassination plot which Sean Penn a secret service agent helps her in foiling the baddies. ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’, starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (who had an affair on the sets that scandalized the world) as married assassins who might be on a mission to kill each other. Directed by Bourne Identity’s, Doug Liman here is an action packed movie which Lemon says is a celebration of marriage despite the bullets and secret separate lives. It’s comedy action at its best and is based on a hit TV series.

The cast of ‘Batman Begins’ has Christan Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Gray Oldman, Cillian Murphy, Ken Watanebe, and Morgan Freeman. Director Christopher Nolan says, “This is the one about how Batman was born. It starts with the super heroes childhood, his studying Ninja arts in the Himalayas and coming up against the Scarecrow and a terrorist.” Said Christian Bale, “When I first put on the costume it made me want to growl and howl.” Actually Bale doesn’t get into Batman gear for quite sometime. Director Tim Burton is directing Johnny Depp and other famous actors in ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory,’ the popular Roald Dahl’s children’s classic. It’s a dark movie in which at one point Depps character tells a mother to go and boil her head. Depp plays Willy Wonka as an odd and creepy sweet maker. Written by John August who authored. Big Fish the movie is about one of five children who win a contest to get into the Chocolate Factory where bizarre things happen.

Jane Fonda makes a comeback in ‘Monster-In-Law’ (where she acts with Jennifer Lopez) as Viola Fields, a TV personality. Says Fonda, “She has lost her youth, she is been fired from her job and is about to lose her son to Jennifer Lopez. The movie is about the two women doing nasty things to each other. Says director Robert Luketic, “Horrible as it sounds, it’s

the most satisfying part of the movie. “It’s not scary. It’s a story about relationships says director Tim Story about ‘Fantastic Four’ starring Ioan Gruffludd, Michael Chiklis, Jessica Alba, and Chris Evans. The movie is about four astronauts who develop superpowers and became Mr Fantastic the Invisible Woman, The Human Torch and a creature who is rock like. Says Tim Story,” Many peoples favorite part of Spiderman was Peter Parkers learning to deal with his super power. With the Fantastic Four that’s the entire movie. Based on Marvel Comics, watch for the rock like thing who is a hard but humorous creature full of emotion. Steve Martin is Inspector Clouseau in a new version of ‘The Pink Panther’ which continues the adventures of the bumbling French detective with Kevin Kline playing Inspector Dreyfus. The Pink Panther diamond is in New York in the clutches of a singer played Beyonce. The movie is said to have hilariously inaccurate pronunciations and a lot of physical humour.