DUBBY’S DVDISCUSSION: Yo ho ho and a bazillion dollars


Critics and The Box Office seldom agree. The Box Office made the second installment of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest the third highest earning movie in history after Titanic and Return Of The King, but the critics hated it.

Ethan Alter in Premiere said, “Simply put, Dead Man’s Chest is a noisy bore that relies on sound and fury to mask the fact that nothing of any importance is happening onscreen.”

In Britain, Total Film compared Pirates to the Disneyland ride it was based on saying that the thrill is lost the second time around.

I think the reason for this gap is the fact that Pirates was aimed at a generation that loves its movies to be like computer games and the critics are as usual being high brow and wanting more than just summer fun.

I saw the lengthy movie with an adult and an eighth grader. The former walked out while the child declared the movie excellent. With barely a plot, we are left with the brilliant Johnny Depp being a double- and triple-crosser having a sword fight on a large spinning being prepared for roasting with fruit and vegetables on a stake... being his campy Jack Sparrow complete with eye make-up and slur. His lines like “Complications arose ensured overcome” makes sense only when Depp says them.

But if you are looking for action and computer-generated imagery, go no further. A horrible looking Davy Jones, undead souls, a massive octopus are just some of the frights in store for you.

One critic who actually liked the movie was Ellen A Kim who says, “Take the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, add a dash of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and a lot more rum, shake well and you’ll have something resembling Dead Man’s Chest, a bombastic sequel that’s enjoyable as long as you don’t think too hard about it. The film opens with the interrupted wedding of Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), both of whom are arrested for aiding in the escape of Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) in the first film. Their freedom can only be obtained by getting Captain Jack’s compass, which is linked to a key that’s linked to a chest belonging to Davy Jones, an undead pirate with a tentacle face and in possession of a lot of people’s souls. If you’re already confused, don’t worry — plot is definitely not the strong suit of the franchise as the film excels during its stunt pieces, which are impressively extravagant (in particular a three-way swordfight atop a mill wheel). It may help to know that Dead Man’s Chest was filmed simultaneously with some of Pirates 3, so don’t expect a complete resolution (think more The Empire Strikes Back) or the movie will feel a lot longer than it really is.

Bloom shows a tad bit more brawn this time around, but he’s still every bit as pretty as the tomboyish Knightley. (Seriously, sometimes you think they could swap roles.) Bill Nighy (Love, Actually) weighs in as Davy Jones and Stellan Skarsgård appears as Will’s undead father. But the film still belongs wholly to Depp, who in a reprise of his Oscar-nominated role, gets all the belly laughs with a single widened eyeliner-ed gaze. He still runs like a cartoon hen and slurs like Keith Richards — and he’s still one of the most fascinating movie characters in recent history.”