Greeting aspiring 2016

Earthquake, fuel shortage, and other problems... 2015 has not been an easy year, be it for common people or celebrities. Everyone faced hardships in their own way and are still managing to tackle the problems. With 2016 at our doorsteps, it’s time to look forward, it’s time to make new memories, have new ambition, so some Nepali artistes look back at 2015 while

Celebration without compromise

The year 2015 was not a good one for me in terms of my professional life. Due to the economic blockade and devastations of the earthquake, this year didn’t go as planned. I could not complete the project I had been working on — my upcoming novel Monsoon. I wasn’t able to publish my book as these things became a hindrance. Also the quake had negative psychological impact on me, I was unable to do my daily activities, including writing and reading.

However, it was a special and memorable year for me personally as I got hitched in 2015. And I also got an opportunity to travel to seven European countries — Denmark, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Sweden, and Spain.

Plans have not been finalised for the celebration of New Year 2016 yet but I want to celebrate it with my family members. We are planning to go for a night stay either at Kakani or at Nagarkot. Amidst this fuel shortage, I have managed to store some petrol and I will be utilising it for that. Though things are expensive, New Year is celebrated once a year. So, there will be no compromise in celebrating the arrival of 2016.

  • Subin Bhattarai, Writer

Ready for challenge

Despite all the problems we have been facing in 2015, life is moving ahead. Amidst all the crisis, I was able to achieve things in this difficult year. I wanted to get recognised by people through my acting and I got a critical appreciation for my role in the play Tartuffe.

I had planned to work in television serials in 2015 but I was unable to do so. Therefore, I have made a resolution for 2016 — to take steps towards achieving my goal of acting in television series. I also want to play diverse characters in plays in future — I want to do competitive and challenging roles.

Currently, I have been rehearsing for Tartuffe and a new play Pillars of Society, that will be staged in 2016.

On New Year day, I will be spending time with my friends celebrating the arrival of 2016. Had I been in my home town in Mahottari, I would have celebrated the day relishing delicious food along with merriment.

  • Sarita Sah, Actress