Eccentric Kishore da

MUMBAI: Renowned singer late Kishore Kumar was paranoid about not being paid. He had put a ‘Beware of Kishore’ sign at the door of his Warden Road flat, where he stayed for some time while his bungalow was being done up.

Once, the producer-director H S Rawail, who owed him some money, visited his flat to pay the dues. Kishore Kumar took the money, and when Rawail offered to shake hands with him, he reportedly put Rawail’s hand in his mouth, bit it, and asked “Didn’t you see the sign?” Rawail laughed off the incident and left quickly. Kumar was so paranoid that he has also reached the sets of the films with make-up only in the half side of his face when his half the amount was due with produce. When director questioned him, he quipped, “Aadha paisa to aadha make-up (half payment so half makeup).”