Election in our classroom

The topic of my writing is Elections in the classroom. We, the students of Class VI, had a mock election to vote for a ‘sports secretary.’ It was conducted in our own classroom in a peaceful environment. Our Social Studies teacher prepared a ballot-box and the Chairman of our school was also present as an observer. One of our former teachers was there as the presiding officer. There were six candidates, three boys and three girls. The election was held for 45 minutes, during which not only was the election conducted but the result was also declared.

With the voters in line, necessary equipment (ballot-box, ballot-paper, voters’ list) in hand and observers ready with cameras to monitor the outcome, the much awaited election began. I was very, very thrilled to cast my vote just like the many others who were very equally excited by the whole experience. The anticipation of who would win was over with the result being declared. The unexpected occurred but we had to accept it as the rule of elections. We had no right to protest because our teacher had strictly warned us against it. Anyway, it was a great event which taught us something new and we realised that learning can be fun.

— Rina Mandal, Class VI, Rupak Memorial International School