Elton John scrabbling about for ‘wedding’ venue

LONDON: Veteran British rock star Elton John revealed he is “scrabbling” for a venue for his forthcoming “marriage” to boyfriend David Furnish when Britain lifts the veil on gay civil partnerships.

Full homosexual marriage is banned in Britain. However, from December 5, gay couples will be able to have “civil partnerships” recognised under law, allowing them some of the same tax and inheritance benefits enjoyed under marriage.

Singer and pianist John wants to be among the first wave to tie the legal knot under the new Civil Partnership Act. “The ceremony is planned, but the party isn’t planned yet. David has a lot of work to do!” John told Britain’s ITV television. “I am going away on tour to Europe tonight, so we haven’t even got a venue yet, so we are scrabbling around at the last minute... but it will all come together.”