Emraan, Soha share 'sweet kiss'

MUMBAI: Kunal Deshmukh’s forthcoming Tum Mie, based on the July 26 floods in Mumbai, is creating buzz for Emraan Hashmi and Soha Ali Khan’s pairing.

But according to latest gossip, Soha was not comfortable locking lips with ‘serial kisser’ Hashmi. The ‘Tu Hi Haqiqat’ song from ‘Tum Mile’ features the two in a lip-lock. Emraan was apparently amazed to learn that his co-star Soha was uneasy about doing the scene. Kunal says, “I told Soha at the outset that the script demanded a kiss since the couple are into a live-in relationship and they need to look romantically involved with each other. She agreed to do the kissing scene but after the song was finalised, I felt there was a requirement for another kiss that made Soha a little sore. She had second thoughts. Finally, on my insistence, she understood the need of the script and agreed to do the scene.”

Soha smiled and said, “Well, at the beginning, I was a little reluctant and didn’t want to go ahead with the second kiss because the script demanded just one as was told to me. But when Kunal explained the seriousness of the requirement for another kiss in the song, saying it would convey an entirely different mood, I agreed to do it. But it’s a sweet, tame kiss and shot in good taste. The song is itself so beautiful that the kiss just adds a little more to it. After watching the song, I really loved it and understood how important the scene was.”

Emraan comments on the kiss, “I don’t think that there is any issue at all. Even I was told that there is just one kissing scene in the film, but when the second kiss scene piled on from the director’s point of view, the question was natural. So, I think Soha was correct in her reluctance. But she did understand the need of the scene and we did it comfortably.”

‘Tum Mile’ is the story about two different people falling in love, the differences at first being exciting. Gradually, they journey through the emotional pitfalls, the constant bickering, the frantic and urgent making up, and irreconcilable differences that give way to a final break up. And then we see those very people struggling their way through a stormy night in Mumbai that threatens to take over the city, their fears and insecurities are bared as their guards drop.

As emotions run high, the two learn more about each other on that night possibly than they knew in all those years of being together, tough situations call on some important revelations and they realise how transient and unpredictable life is and the need to make the most of the time that has been given to them together.