Enchanted world


The ambience of the Birendra International Convention Centre (BICC) has probably never been so colourful and lively. The décor of the place was dominated with the auspicious colour red making the place look vividly alive. Even the same old stage looked different with the changing backgrounds. The China Festival Cultural Show 2007 held at BICC on September 21 was flawless with its performers presenting every presentation with perfection.

The show started almost an hour later than scheduled time. Beautiful ladies took over the stage to present their first item — a traditional dance performed using colourful handkerchiefs signifying happiness. The dancers presented the synchronised dance steps with heart-warming smiles. The event comprised couple of dances, songs, acrobatic skills, Bian Lian, a mask changing item of the Sichuan Opera, Shaolin martial art demonstration and hula-hoop. Apart from traditional dances from different places of China, the dancers also presented a Nepali dance in instrumental piece, which created excitement among the audience.

Singers from China sang couple of Chinese songs but it was the very popular Resham phiriri sung in perfect diction by a Chinese singer (clad in Nepali attire) that amused everyone.

Unbelievable acrobatic performances by the artistes received a huge round of applause and so did the hula-hoop girl who rotated more than 100 hula-hoops on her body. The martial arts presenters who with their different styles of fighting skills created excitement especially among the children.

However, the show stealer was the Bian Lian presenter who changed his facemasks at blink of eye. The magical moment created lots of cheer among the audience. Even when the event ended it looked like the audience did not have enough and stayed in their seats waving goodbye to all the artistes on the stage.

The event was organised by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in association with the World Cultural Net and managed by Kaalbhairav.