Enthralling action

Quantum of Solace

Genre: Action

Cast: Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko, Mathieu Amalric and Judi Dench

Director: Marc Forster

Being screened at Kumari


The thrill and excitement that action sequences generate one after the other makes Quantum of Solace very exhilarating. Right from the first scene with a powerful car chase to Bond chasing one of the villains amidst a race filled with people in the centre of the city, and the awesome fight sequence that follows between the two dangling from ropes while heavy machinery seems to be plunging down from all sides putting their life on the line. And this is just the starting.

What makes the movie good is that it is not only the starting which has this level of intensity, but the pace is maintained throughout, each action sequence is different from the previous one and equally captivating. A lot of emphasis has been given to the action sequences and it seems the emotional quotient has been minimised in the movie.

Revenge is all that Bond (Daniel Craig) can think of in this movie against Quantum, the group, and he is dedicated to finding out the truth behind their work and the ones who blackmailed Eva Green. The death of this beauty he had really loved is something he cannot forgive and personal vengeance sees Bond being quite brutal in this movie. It is Monsieur Greene (Mathieu Amalric) that Bond is after, who is also trying to use Bolivia’s natural resources for his benefits. While he is making plans to take his revenge on Greene, he meets Camille (Olga Kurylenko) who has her own personal vendetta against a particular Bolivian high level official. While all this is happening Bond’s boss M (Judi Dench) is worried that Bond is getting too violent and taking his work a bit too personally and is in a fix whether to stop or support him. While Bond seems to be updated with Amalric, he himself is being thoroughly watched. One trying to destroy the other and saving one’s life — that forms the story.

The emotional aspects and style quotients have been sidelined this time, with emphasis been given to action sequences. Another facet that makes the movie more fascinating is the different places it has been shot in. From Italy, Haiti, London, South America to Austria, it’s a whirlwind ride which Bond takes us on, landing from one place to another.

Craig, as expected, does not disappoint with his powerful performance. Dench is top notch and the other noteworthy character that has been really well played is by Mathieu Amalric with the mean looks he so convincingly portrays. Olga Kurylenko with her sultry sexy looks yet strong character is a perfect choice for the movie.