Enthralling music at Moksh

KATHMANDU: Moksh has moved and has come close to main road of Pulchowk, opposite La’ Soon — another hub where you can dine and wine with a feel-good and at home experience. One of the best watering holes in town, especially on Fridays, Moksh always pulls a good crowd for its great ambience and fantastic music, of course.

It was an amazing crowd on May 13 and for those who just dropped in, the performance by 1974 AD and Peter McTwister was an added bonanza. Nirakar of 1974 AD said, “Today we have a special performance. Peter will not be in town for around two months and this is his last performance before he leaves.” To hear Peter in saxophone along with our own 1974 AD in their perfect form was definitely an enthralling experience. An array of different genres of music they play definitely makes Moksh as popular as ever.

The ground floor of Moksh offers a spacious drawing room experience, whereas the first floor has two rows of sitting arrangement from where the live performance of band can be observed at ease. Peter said, “It’s good to see a crowd like this and we have always admired playing for the music lovers.”

Anish Pradhan who was enjoying the music simply summed up, “They are fabulous. It is a great experience indeed.” — HNS