Is there any reason to water a dead plant or a try to cure a dead body? Well, the answer is unanimous and it’s a big ‘no’. So what is the use of gathering around a dead body with tears in eyes and a feeling of respect that gets born on the death of an artist? The price of this respect given obviously arises out of a culture of selfishness.

We have been discouraging artists with posthumous judgements. Believe it or not, this culture has killed Devkota’s literatures, and deserted Shakespeare’s creation. We would have got the best works of artists in this century if we have discouraged after the death judgement culture. It is not about being sceptical but also about being practical. Hence, it is just a coffee talk subject to discuss the matter of our death. The answers remain dark enough.

What we need to do now is uproot the posthumous culture as a transition point, which is always waiting for every human, commonly called death. Death is so inevitable that it takes all without partiality. Therefore we need

the courage to take it easily.

—Mahesh Thapa, Class X, KUHS