An essence called life:

Life is an essential and valuable gift given by God. We should try to spend our lives doing good deeds. In order to live a good life, we must follow the teachings of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Amar Singh Thapa.

Life is immeasurable and we cannot compare it with anything in the world. But we are fortunate to have been given this life and we must utilise it to serve others. As responsible citizens, we must realise our responsibilities and help develop our country and work for the betterment of our nation. Though many of us have lost our near and dear ones in the conflict, we should not just sit back and cry. Instead we must buck up and move on.

Do not worry what you are going to do in future, think about what you are going to do at the present because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. — Manish Yadav, Class VIII, Nightingale Higher Secondary School

Problem solved:

Life has many problems. Life without problems would not be worth living. Happiness is not the absence of problem. It’s all about solving problems effectively and efficiently. Problems will follow you everywhere no matter you how you try to run away from it. Solve it and it is gone forever. Problems come our way regularly.

If these are not solved immediately, they accumulate and overpower us. Most mental traumas are the result of such accumulated problems. Life pays rewards in the form of fame to the ones solving the problems at the right time. — Barsha Khadka, Class IX, Himalaya

English School

Dreams to chase:

Everyone has a dream. Martin Luther King Junior had a dream to free the black people. Gandhiji, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, too, had dreams. They worked hard and tried their best to fulfil their dreams. I want to become a nun and my dream is to serve my nation, the poor, children and the illiterate.

To achieve this I have to work hard and pray to God to give me strength and try my best in every difficult situation because success is for those who dare to try. I must develop the virtues of sincerity, alertness, confidence and politeness.

Many people learn lessons from great people like Florence Nightingale. She worked hard to achieve her dreams. Many difficulties will certainly come but these will test and mould us and help us become a better person. It is not so easy to reach a target. There may be thousand-and-one hurdles we have to cross to get to our destination but then every time we fall down we have to get up.

To be a winner and to achieve our dream, we have to work differently. We shall also become happy and enjoy our life when we fullfill our reams.

—Bijaja Chhetri, Class VI, SEMS