We have all had the experience of our parents complaining about the ever-rising price of food. They lament at the price of food. The money they carry to market is not enough to buy nourishing food for us. They don’t like to compromise on our health.

The price of fruits and vegetables fluctuates and continues to rise. These foods provide vitamins and minerals. Such nutrients are essential for our bodies to develop and grow. Deficiency in these causes health problem and retards mental development. It also disrupts the body’s ability to process carbohydrates, protein and fat. In addition to this, we children are usually choosy about what fruits and vegetables we will eat. This becomes a problem for parents. To solve this problem, we can suggest our parents buy sprouted cereals or beans. They are rich in vitamins and minerals as they are sprouted.

Even before sprouting they are rich sources of carbohydrates and protein, but they become richer in vitamins and minerals after sprouting. Sprouted foods provide, not only added nourishment, but also good taste and an aid to digestion. Sprouts can replace fruits and vegetables by supplying the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Making sprouts is an easy task. Just soak cereal or beans in water. After it is perfectly soaked and swollen remove it and leave it in the open air. After 2-3 days they will sprout. When the germinated part is a long enough, it is ready to eat. My father read a book about the benefit of sprouts, and included it in our meal. It works wonders and we are happy we have sprouted love for it. — Prithu Nepal, Class VI, Kathmandu University High School