Etheridge feleling healthy with new diet

LOS ANGELES: Cancer survivor MELISSA ETHERIDGE feels fitter than ever after completely revamping her diet to avoid processed Western foods.

The Come To My Window hitmaker was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and underwent chemotherapy before declaring herself cancer-free the following year (05).

The health scare inspired the singer to change her lifestyle - and she credits her new natural diet with improving her wellbeing.

She tells, "I looked at food differently (after having cancer). I stepped back, and found that our bodies were like batteries. We need alkaline enough to survive. Of course, the Western diet is mostly acidic, and that is what causes our bodies to be acidic. Acid is where cancer grows. I realised we have to eat more alkaline, which, of course, is fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

"I'm not one to tell myself, 'I can never have another cup of coffee, or I can never eat a hot fudge sundae.' No. That has to be the treat - the once a week or the once every two weeks - and the rest of the time is spent eating good, healthy salads, fresh fruits and vegetables - and trying not to eat things that come out of buildings.

"I try to eat things that come from the ground. I try to eat something that's grown, and comes right to me, because that's where the life force is. That's where the energy is."