Eve of cocktail momos


Jazzabell Café has over the last so many months become a popular hangout for those whose choice runs to good music, good food and some really good cocktails. With the cold days creeping in, everyone thinks of something hot to eat (and to drink) to warm those freezing bones. Jazzabell has introduced its ‘Winter Special’ from November 22, which includes a list of enviable cocktails and a variety of momos.

You may ask what’s new about eating momos in Kathmandu?

But have you tried Jazzabell’s fish momo?

Prepared using Bekti fish, this momo is an experience in itself. And if you think you would like to try the variety of momos on offer — from chicken to veg to mixed... — go for the momo platter that has all the different momos on offer.

“We are doing this to let people try the fish momo, which is quite rare in town. And as the bar menu has a long list of local and international cocktails, we hope our client will have great time at the restaurant,” says owner Terrence Lee. The momos here are a piece of good news for those weight watchers, cause Lee says that they don’t use fat.

Well, the cocktail list runs like this Pina Colada, Black Russlan, Planter’s Punch...

The cherry on the top is ‘happy hour’ offer, which gives you an opportunity to enjoy the ‘buy one get one free’ scheme from 5-7:00 pm till November 30.

Jazzabell is located at Chakupat, next to Pulchowk Engineering Campus.