Everyday romance


It looks like his romance lies in the everyday, seemingly mundane aspects of life. From a holy man flaunting a white beard of experience to the altars of gods and goddesses swathed in red vermilion, from the old and worn out faces to the sweet young faces giving their younger ones a piggy back ride, experienced artist DB Chitrakar has quite a number of paintings on exhibit at the Nepal Art Council, Babermahal.

The exhibition entitled ‘The Creation’ was inaugurated on June 28 by noted cultural expert Satya Mohan Joshi.

“I believe art has to make its meaning self evident.

So you will not find my paintings difficult to comprehend,” explained Chitrakar, who is in his late 70s.

When asked why he had done a self-portrait, he said smiling, “I just wanted to experiment.”

Most of the paintings are in watercolour, pastel and oil.

One can also see the artist’s fascination with the erotic in some.

Explaining this fascination, Chitrakar said, “When I had gone to Khajuri,

near Ajanta in India, I saw some sculptures that immediately impressed me. I have tried to reproduce those with some modifications in these paintings.”

His subject matters are “based on Nepali life” as Chitrakar “wants to draw something that can expose Nepali art culture to the outside world”

The exhibition is on till July 5.