Expressive melange


Unique creations welcome you at the Art Shop at Durbar Marg where Gaurav Shrestha’s fourth collage exhibition, Spiritual Abstractions is going on. The exhibition, which began on September 27, was inaugurated by artist Ragini Upadhyay and will go on till October 6.

Shrestha has used various media like fabric, lokta, jute and different types of paper to conjure up his art pieces.

He says, “This is my in-depth expression. It is a manifestation of my subconscious mind. There is nothing particular as I sit down and to make these pieces, the ideas unfold and that is what I try to bring out in my works.”

Some of his artworks were formed in an hour while some took him 12 hours to complete. He says, “I haven’t given individual titles to my works as that would restrict a person’s imagination. I want them to see and perceive it in their own ways.”