Face to face

Arpan Sharma, news presenter for Nepal Television and Radio Nepal

Why did you choose this career?

My father was a journalist so I guess that was one reason for my inclination towards media. Initially I worked with print media. I worked with a radio station in Mumbai initially. I think I chose this career as I got attracted to the way we give out first hand information to our audience.

What are your strengths?

I am very committed, focussed and like to do my work with perfection. I want to give the best in whatever I do.

What are your career goals?

Keeping in touch with people is very important. So I believe as a journalist I need to have the best public relations through which I can give the first and the best information to people.

What makes a good news presenter?

I feel a person who can tell a story in the easiest way possible and get the message right across makes a good news presenter.

Word of advice to young aspirants

Youngsters these days are very focussed unlike us when we were young. They know what they want to do in life. So I guess all I need to say is keep that attitude going!

(As told to Anjita Pradhan)