Famous moles

Cindy Crawford’s beauty spot lies just to the left of her lips in position 12. This is a very

fortunate mole position, which predicts a successful, fulfilling and balanced life.

Often compared to the other big songstress of her generation Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera is touted as the one who can actually sing. She has a beauty spot that predicts fame, success and plenty to eat through life. Her mole is in position 12.

Almost as famous for his relationship with former fiancee Jennifer Lopez as he is for his good looks and box-office success, Ben Affleck sports a position 19 mole. This indicates he has money luck and many good friends, but that his weakness comes from yielding to the charms of the opposite sex.

Golf-sensation Tiger Woods has a mole in position 22, which predicts a life of stardom, influence and power.