LOS ANGELES: Hugh Jackman is one intoxicating star, for the actor recently made a fan faint after he kissed her on the neck.

The woman, who works as a switchboard operator for US TV programme The Tonight Show, wasn’t allowed to meet the actor when he appeared on the show. However, when the girl’s friends told him that it was her birthday and she couldn’t meet him, Jackman decided to pay her a surprise visit. Jackman, who was voted the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine last year, crept up behind her, whispered “Happy Birthday”, and then kissed her on the neck.

The shocked female immediately turned back, but when she saw her idol face-to-face, she turned bright red and fainted in his arms. According to National Enquirer magazine, Hugh screamed, “Oh my god! Somebody help me! I think she has fainted!” The girl regained consciousness only after she smelled salts, and was given cold compresses. Later, she happily posed for a photograph with Hugh, reports the China Daily.