Fans across the border


Prashant mania has not just hit Darjeeling hills. It has spilled over to Nepal too. Many times the question that’s asked after the SMS results are announced is “Hamro bhai safe ho?” (Is our younger brother safe?).

Many here have expressed a strong desire that “we should also be allowed to vote”.

An avid viewer of Indian Idol, Arina Sherchan is a pucca Prashant fan.

“I think his voice is really nice and he also has the X-factor to be an Indian Idol. I’m not saying this just because he is of Nepali origin, but because of his talent. Though being a Nepali, his dialect (Hindi) is flawless. I think he will reach the finals and might even win the title. My mom just loves him,” she says.

Prashant Tamang has become a hot topic for conversations even in workplaces. Employees of a reputed bank in Kathmandu often talk about organising a signature campaign here in the Capital to boost his morale. They further wish that they could also vote for Prashant from here.

Urmila KC, who works in an NGO says, “He is a very good singer and also very down to earth. Ani Nepali bhasa bolne ko izzat dhanirakhyacha, (He has helped to make all speakers of Nepali proud)... may he continue to do so in future.”

Usha Acharya, housewife, feels that perhaps she likes him because he is of Nepali origin, but says, “He’s smart and has a voice that resonates with deep feelings. I am really happy he has reached the finals. Although he has tough competition ahead, I am sure he will shine among the rest. He has the capability to win, and if he performs to the best of his ability, the title is not far.”

Amen to that!