Farhan-Deepika a fresh pair: Vijay

MUMBAI: Vijay Lalwani is keen to see how his directorial debut Excel Entertainment’s Karthik Calling Karthik fares at the box office. The film starring Farhan Akhtar and Deepika Padukone releases on February 26.

The chemistry between the ‘odd’ couple has been the topic of discussion within the filmi circuit, as well as among the junta. However, he doesn’t find it an unusual pair. “It’s a fresh pair, not an odd couple. They haven’t been cast together before this and that makes them an interesting pair. And the most important aspect is that they have been cast as per the characters that they are playing. Both of them suit the roles they have to enact,” says Vijay, who turned to filmmaking after being associated with the advertising industry. He even has 150 TV commercials and various print campaigns to his credit.

The debutant director is obviously a bit nervous as the movie draws closer to it’s release. “I have been busy with the promotions. But the feeling so far has been more excitement than nervousness. I think the nervousness bit will seep in now,” he smiles.

Vijay says he never felt nervous or stressed while directing Farhan, who is a director himself. “We never had trouble while working on the film. I think he gave me the job because he was convinced about it. Also I think as an actor he had enough to worry about. Apart from that it was only an asset to have him on the set,” says Vijay.

And not just Farhan, Vijay has good things to say about Deepika too. He adds, “Deepika was an absolute professional. It was great working with her. I think this will be one of her best performances.”