Farm girl Liz

LONDON: Liz Hurley is set to star in her own reality TV show about her farm.

The fashion designer-and-actress lives on a farm in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, and the programme will follow her as she goes about her everyday life looking after chickens and sheep.

In the series, viewers will see Liz, who is famous for her flawless image, swap her designer wear for a less glamorous wardrobe of torn jumpers and waterproof footwear.

She said, “People always imagine me with perfect hair. But that’s not who I am. The first time he saw me in the country, my husband found me in wellies, covered in mud.”

The 43-year-old star and textile heir husband Arun Nayar married in 2007 in a ceremony

rumoured to have cost £2 million.