Fashionable duo

They are here for ‘Harmony the Best of India and Nepal — Khadi Show’ and are enthusiastic about doing a show on khadi in Nepal. Abhilasha Subba and Krita Raut in conversation with the fashion bigwigs.

Mona Lamba and Pali Sachdev, the designer duo Monapali, are well known for the unconventional way they use mediums be it material, prints, needlework or embroidery. Their designs have always managed to stand out in the crowd.

Reviving the basics

They are known for the hand-woven fabrics. Though their designs are contemporary, they focus on the use of traditional materials and art works.

“We always make sure we have something different to offer our customers. The fabric, texture, thread work are always very culturally influenced and I think that is what attracts the Western fashion world. We cannot make clothes similar to them and why would they be interested in something they already have?” says Lamba.

“India is very rich in art, culture and heritage. Each state has something different to offer and using such designs we too have lot more to offer,” adds Sachdev.

Fashion weeks

“All designers come under one roof and present their creations, so business-wise it is good. However, too much of anything weakens the essence. Sometimes if the shows are scheduled too close to each other, it causes lots of confusion among the buyers,” they opine.

Inspirational place

“I just love Nepal. The building, sculpture, temples, the natural surroundings, culture and music — all inspire me a lot,” says Sachdev. “And how can I forget the delicious food — momos and thukpas,” she adds.

Lamba agrees with her partner. “Being a neighbouring country, we feel very much related to the ambience. It is not a foreign land. It is like home here,” she adds.

She also says she will be taking back fond memories.

“Who knows? My next collection might get inspired by Nepal,” she adds.