Fat-rina resists temptation!

MUMBAI: Guess who looked sad at The Times Food & Nightlife Awards held recently in Mumbai? None other than Fatrina..er..Katrina lookalike — the plump and the short version of Katz and the Veer girl, Zarine Khan. Pray, but why?

After being fed on a diet of cakes, chocolates and other desserts to look curvaceous and full-bodied, the poor girl, who is reportedly doing the Partner sequel, is having a tough time shedding those extra kilos. Apparently, her mentor, co-star and script-writer of Veer, Salman Khan had ordered her to pile on the pounds and to gorge on cakes and chocolates for months to look voluptuous for her role in order to resemble a woman in the 18th century, all under the superstar's supervision. It was mentioned in her contract, too.

So from 54 kgs her weight zoomed up to 62 kgs in three months. Also, most of her clothes – saris and gowns were designed in a way that enhanced her size and made her look bigger. "Yaaa”, Zarine moaned, “I will have to keep a control on my tongue today so that I don’t binge (imagine the young girl had to look away from numerous exotic cuisines that lay in front of her) because I really need to lose whatever I gained in that period. Chocolate is totally out. That is really sad,” whined the 21-year-old actress, who prefers non-vegetarian food and is fond of Lebanese in particular. “But I love homemade food, I eat whatever my mom cooks rather than going out,” she said.

Her mantra: “Whatever you eat should be healthy.” Best of luck, Zarine!