Female expressions


An exhibition of artworks entitled ‘Participation of Women Artist in New Fine Art Academy Constitution’ by Women Artist Group of Nepal (WAGON) began at The Art Shop, Durbar Marg on September 15.

A one-day protest programme had been organised by WAGON demanding that women be equally included in the Nepal Fine Art Academy. Instead of using violence, they used their creative skills to put forth their thoughts. Ragini Upadhyaya, president of WAGON, expressed regret that politics had made way even into the artistic field and spoke about the obstacles they had to face while forming this group.

Fifty-one women who had participated in the protest have showcased their feelings in their

works. Upadhyaya has chosen to shown how men have dominated the parliament and women have been neglected.

Describing her painting, Sushma Rajbhandari, said “I have shown the imbalance between males and females by showing eyes in two different sizes. It depicts how ugly things look when both males and females are not considered as equals.”

Sharada Chitrakar, who has painted a vibrant strong image of Nava Bhagwati said, “The devi represents all the women and I have shown the power we hold through our creative talents and not tried to use any kind of violence.”

Shobha Wagle has being working on the human mind series for a long and here too she has given it continuity. “The plants represent the human mind — how it gets walked

over and yet in the background I have chosen a bright colour to show that there is hope,” she said.

Besides the paintings, the women have also made some sculptures.

Pushpanjali, who has used various mixed media said, “I have tried to show the unity we have, that we are growing like a tree. The topmost part is the heads of women who are raising their voices, it is a mixture of anger and peace.”

The exhibition is on till September 23