Festival of books opens

KATHMANDU: With a three-day book fair being held at The Shanker Hotel, all the book lovers of Kathmandu also have a chance to help a cause. The ‘Festivals of Books’, which was inaugurated on September 19 by Susan Goldmark, Country Director, The World Bank, is supporting various grass root level community based organisations situated in rural parts of Nepal and working against human trafficking.

The fair includes a huge collection of books related to various issues. From architectural designs to world history from cookery to classics, there is something for both the causal readers as well as those looking for books of a specific study.

Goldmark, whose husband is a writer, has a special affection towards books. “This is a wonderful event and I am someone who loves to be around books. Over here I saw an interesting selection of books.” On the issue of human trafficking she said, “This is an important step towards recognising this problem, and in New Nepal we hope that things like woman trafficking will not be tolerated”.

Organised by Corporate Affairs, the fair will continue till September 21.