Figurative mystery

KATHMANDU: “Spontaneous” is how Albert Horowitz coins his style of working. An architect by profession, Horowitz has also successfully shown his talent as an artist and a sculptor in his country America. His first ever exhibition in Nepal was inaugurated by heritage expert, Anil Chitrakar, at the Siddhartha Art Gallery on June 1.

His sculptures and sketches are abstract and the artist himself proclaims that he “leaves it to the imagination of the viewers who come up with their own interpretations”.

“I start working with no preconceived notion. I just start by drawing lines or with a lump of clay and the creations happen,” says Horowitz.

The exhibition includes ceramic sculptures, coloured and the original pigment archival prints. Pigment archival prints are made by printing the sketches after scanning them. He also uses different softwares to colour his sketches. The collection at the exhibition is coloured brown.

His creations are dominated by lines, which form features like hands, legs, face and hairs of human body, but the parts are not complete.

The limb-like extensions are not more figurative and are often entangled with other parts of the body. His sculptures are small but the intricate detailing is vivid. He uses wire tools to carve his sculptures.

The way his creation takes different forms due to the spiral windings gives them a mysterious look.

The exhibition is on till June 20