Nepal | September 18, 2019

Fishing for a new taste

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It’s a rarity to find any sort of sea food here, forget about it being fresh and healthy.

The Hyatt Regency’s chef’s never ending search for rare taste has brought just that to the table.

The hotel is currently having a Salmon promotion that consists of simple cooking methods and surprising verities of dishes of the same type of fish.

“Salmon has exceptional nutrition values,” said executive chef Vikram Ganpule, explaining one of the main reasons for picking the fish. “It’s rich in Omega 3, essential fatty acids, low in calories and saturated fats, high in Vitamin B, phosphorous, magnesium, and it improves the ratio of good cholesterol over bad cholesterol.”

Using Norwegian salmon, which is one of the few fishes available here, Chef Ganpule has created a menu that includes Salmon pizza, salmon tart, Salmon ravioli, Salmon puff and very delectable appetisers served with the ideal sauce and dip for each dish.

The tart and the ravioli were just as inviting to the palate as in look, and the puff took the warmth of the oven with its taste to your stomach even after waiting for half-an-hour to be eaten.

Chef Ganpule said the trick with Salmon is that you have to watch over it so as not to overcook it or over salt it.

“Overcooking spoils the fish. It’s best eaten medium to medium rare,” he advises. “If you buy three portion steaks, two to three minutes on each side should be more than enough.”

As the fish has its own flavour, the chef said many people make the mistake by over salting and over seasoning it. If the right proportion is used, there is no harm in adding a little seasoning but still keeping the taste of it. Lemon juice, salt and pepper adds the ‘oomph.’

Making the Salmon pizza requires a little more attention than the other dishes, as melted cheese is very salty, but at the Hyatt it was cooked by expert hands.

The Salmon promotion will continue till the end of the month

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