Focus on concentration

Concentration involves the abilities to focus, screen out distractions, delay gratification, and regulate impulses and emotional responses. When a five-year-old is able to sit still in school, learn letters and numbers, and even acquire pre-reading skills, you think this is amazing, as the year before she was a “live wire”.

Set manageable limits

One has to be realistic and try to break down a child’s tasks so that they are within manageable limits. A child of five has a short attention span. At 7-9, children’s ability to concentrate seems to take a leap forward because of continued brain development.

No distractions

To get children to concentrate more, for example while studying, keep the radio and television off to relieve distractions. Then set some reasonable and clear time expectations for him/her to complete an activity, no matter what the task.

Sleep is important

Make sure he gets plenty of sleep, when a child has not had enough rest the night before he tends to not have the concentration abilities he has when well rested.

Exercise pays

Let him run around and get lots of exercise, this will increase blood flow to the brain and also stimulate hormonal responses that increase mental sharpness.

You might also play games with your child such as Memory and Concentration, these games will reinforce attention skills.

Remember your child needs you to help manage his

interests and to have him strike a healthy balance.