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Adding one more sequel to its chain of ongoing food festivals, Hyatt Regency has introduced yet another that you’d find impossible to resist. Paratha and Kebab festival at The Café, which begins from June 03, brings you the authentic taste of northwest India. The Kebabs and the Parathas every bit retains its original taste that is originally found in Lucknow , Abadh and Hyderabad. Potli ka masala, a typical Hyderabadi masala is added as an ingredient that gives the Kebabs its original flavour and aroma. “We fly in all the typical Hydarabadi masala (spices)

from Hyderabad”, says Narender Singh, executive chef at Hyatt. The parathas and Kebabs are served with an assortment of hyderabadi foods along with dum ka dal, chutneys, onions and green chillies. Even the parathas served in the course have their own specialities and are called ‘ulti tawa ka paratha’ in pure ghee. “Hyatt concentrates on delivering the authentic taste of foods and that’s what this festival promises to food enthusiasts and eaters,“ says Singh.