Foodies of Kathmandu, Unite


Let’s eat today for tomorrow we may diet. December 2 will see tables laid out with feasts fit for kings at The Himalayan Times International Food Fest to be held at the Birendra International Convenion Centre.

With delicacies from over a dozen countries, you can certainly globe trot your way across a global cuisine.

The tickets to THT food fest is priced at Rs 100, and Rs 50 for children below 4-feet in height and available at the THT front desk, select outlets and of course at the venue on the day of the festival.

So, keep the day free and see you at BICC on December 2 for a day in the sun and a gastronomic delight. Remember the fun begins

at 10:00 am.

Colourful and spicy:

Korean food is something that the Nepali palate relishes,” says Ang Dorjee Sherpa, proprietor of Villa Everest, who will be presenting delicacies from this Asian nation at THT food fest.

A little sour, a little sweet, a little salty, something hot in-between — those are the tastes that explode in your mouth as one bites into the delectable Korean cuisine laid out. A veteran of THT food fest (this is Villa Everest’s fourth year), Sherpa says they are expecting more people this year to visit their stall.

Describing Korean cuisine as a set meal system, Sherpa says they’ve chosen the dishes for the festival with care keeping in mind that people will be “on the go” and would also want to taste dishes from other countries. Out the four dishes that they have chosen, two will be served hot while two will be served cold.

Dhak bul go gi is Korean style barbeque with the chicken marinated in special Korean sauce and is hot and sweet to taste. Kim bab gives you the taste of the sea and fish and the goodness of vegetables colourfully and neatly packed in a tight bundle of rice, carrots, raddish, cucumber and spinach rolled in seaweed.

Yachhe jon are small vegetable pancakes, while the Khungnamul is a hot and sour salad of soya bean sprouts.

And don’t worry the all-time favourite kimchi will accompany all the dishes at the Korean stall.

Dorjee insists, “Every one has to experience Korean food once.”

And once you’ve tasted Villa Everest’s delights, we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Korean fare

• Dhak bul go gi: 60

• Kim bab: Rs 50

• Yachhe jon: Rs 50

• Khungnamul: Rs 50

All dishes will have a helping of kimchi

Truly British

The British cuisine is not just the stodgy ‘fish and chips’ image that you might have about it. Britain during its hey days not only established its imperialism across continents but also imported ingredients and ideas from places like North America, China and India. As a result, traditional foods with ancient origins in Britain such as bread and cheese, roasted and stewed meats, meat and game pies, and freshwater and saltwater fish under different culinary influence went an alteration, and now is a culinary favourite among people across the world.

Terrace Bar and Restaurant, will be representing the British cuisine at THT food fest. The stall will have a set of mouthwatering main meals, snacks and tantalising desserts.

British fare

• Roast chicken and stuffing (served with mashed potato, vegetables and onion gravy): Rs110

• Roast pork and apple sauce (served with mashed potato, vegetables and onion gravy): Rs110

• Bangers and mash (sausages cooked in an onion gravy served with mashed potato): Rs 90

• Sausage, egg, baked beans served with chips: Rs90

• Garlic and butter chicken wings (served with Thousand Island dressing): Rs 60

• Bacon and onion roll (served with fried onion and ketchup): Rs 60

• Chips: Rs 50

• Trifle (Jelly, sponge, custard layers topped with cream): Rs 70

• Fruit salad and ice: Rs 70